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Media versus The Facts: Herman Cain

It’s been a week since Politico, a sub-affiliate of The Washington Post, released what turned into a media firestorm article titled “Exclusive: Herman Cain accused of by two women of inappropriate behavior”. The article cited that “multiple sources confirmed” two women left their jobs because of the “inappropriate behavior by Cain.” One week later, the … Continue reading

Journalistic Code of Ethics

The following is copied, verbatim from the Society of Professional Journalists: SPJ Code of Ethics Preamble Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and … Continue reading

Media Spins Cain’s FL Straw Poll Victory as Perry, Romney Fail

A poll currently running on the homepage of Fox & Friends is indicative of what the establishment wants people to believe. It appears to be difficult for anyone to admit that common sense would show that not only did Herman Cain win the Florida Straw Poll on Saturday September 25, 2011, but Perry and Romney … Continue reading

Poll: Romney leads New Hampshire, [Paul in second,] Huntsman in third, […]

And yet another media re-post gone off the wire. No matter who your personal nominee is, or isn’t, when it comes to the current GOP lineup as we head into the 2012 Presidential elections, the media has no place dictating who the ‘voters’ are to hear about and who they are not. This is interventionism, … Continue reading

Ron Paul, Herman Cain Fox News’ Frontrunners?

In accordance with Gallup, all media outlets are reporting the two GOP frontrunners are Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. But are these polls accurate? While Gallup states that it performs random (unpublished) telephone interviews which conclude that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are the top two candidates, it also shows that the positive intensity polls, … Continue reading

Media Precedents vs. People Presidents

Now that the dust has settled since the September 7th GOP debate and President Obama’s September 8th jobs speech and most people have been inundated with media pressures about what is what, where does that leave the people who will be electing their president come November 6, 2012? A decent place to start, even though … Continue reading

Campaign 2012: Analysts Follow the Money Trail [updated Aug. 19]

It’s nothing new to “political junkies”, as the media now calls common citizens who take their politics seriously, that the media is bias. Yes, you have your left-leaning networks versing FOX News who purportedly leans right, but the most common denominator of all networks when it comes to major election season is the money. It … Continue reading

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