Accountability: an obligation to accept responsibility or to account for one’s own actions

The U.S. Government has set up an accountability office in order to police itself, outside the scope of the Constitution which establishes a 4-tier checks and balances – Administrative, Legislative, Judicial, the people

“The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is known as “the investigative arm of Congress” and “the congressional watchdog.” GAO supports the Congress in meeting its constitutional responsibilities and helps improve the performance and accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the American people.”

~ U.S. Government Accountability Office

Objective: expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretation

Elitists, be it government, corporations, religion institutions, or media conglomerates have found that dealing with falsehoods is a viable means to control the masses. They do not forget, but abuse the hardworking men and women performing the menial labour jobs while being the largest group of consumers, governed, and believers, without whom there would be no means for those in positions of self-gratified power to have obtained those positions and their wealth.

For centuries there has been a ruling class and subordinate class of people. Without converting one’s government into a socialist society, those in the higher positions should be held accountable for their actions to the people and never be allowed to solely rely on self-policing.

Corporate CEOs should be held accountable to their many stockholders and consumers for their wasteful spending where the consumer’s dollar ends up in their pocket at a rate that drives the consumer into bankruptcy in order to pay for the basic necessities of life.

The Judiciary should be held accountable to the people for rulings made outside the scope of the law.

Governments should be held accountable to their constituents and be made to answer for their actions that are not in the best interests of society but found to be in the best interests of their lobbyists, friends, family, corporations, and foreign nations.

Media outlets should be held accountable for their improper reporting of the factual events that affect the lives of the people and should be held accountable for their misguidance of the people toward a means that supports a specific entity.

The people should be held accountable for their actions against mankind, and for their inaction in standing up for the rights of all citizens through political activism, voting, and getting the word out in a civil manner.

The Objective begins with a single word, and as that word spreads the elitists shall be reminded that…

…all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise; that from the people and for the people all springs, and all must exist. ~Benjamin Disraeli

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