Flee From the Wrath of the Establishment


Catching up on some missed reading from the past two days, I’m cycling through the comments of an article posted on ‘The Blaze’ titled “The Fed Will Cut Off TV and Radio on Nov. 9“, when I notice a slip of paper on my mailbox. Opting to take a break from both the fear and anger I’m reading in the tone of those upset over the scheduled EAS, I patiently take the paper from between the flag and box and begin to read:

“Flee from the wrath of God
Turn from your wicked ways
Get saved
Turn to Jesus now
Jesus died for you
His blood was shed for you
Without the blood there is no remission of sins
There is no other Saviour given whereby man must be saved.

Chapter 6 – verse 8”

My first thought was to flip the paper over to see who the good-willed person was that decided it was time for the entire neighbourhood to get closer to God, only to find there is no one accepting credit for this little uplifting message.


After reading some of the comments to the planned “cut off” of all communication systems across the United States for a period of 3 minutes, where most are saying this is more than a “test”, it’s a “demonstration”, and speaking of how it’s time to store water, food, and ammo, it makes me wonder… wasn’t the latest apocalypse supposed to be 2 days ago? Perhaps the date changed yet again.

I’m not trying to make light of the government’s latest infiltration into our lives with their national EAS, however. It does beg a legitimate question as to why they plan their little ‘test’ at 2:00pm ET instead of 2:00am. Is their emergency broadcast notification going to sound any different than the weekly local EAS tests do? And if it is true that this will also interrupt internet, landline and cellular telephone communications, the only question is, ‘why’? And since there has been, since the 60’s, local EAS tests, why can the FEC, FEMA, or White House, not send out a national telegram to the locals and have them link into a national network line? The President having sole control over all communication within the United States, and then handing the reigns over to the leader of FEMA does lend credence to the fears and anger being espoused to the news of the November 9 shut down.

My questions are: Is this being done because a major network opted to air something other than another one of Obama’s national speeches a few months ago? Are we being given a demonstration of the breadth of our government and its total control over our lives? Is this a legitimate, yet not well thought out plan to merely conduct a test in case of a nuclear war, OWS civil unrest, or Yellowstone caldera blowing its top? And, what happens if things go wrong and they can’t get any line of communication back up on the grid – no internet, no home phone, no cell phone, no television, cable, satellite, etc.?

We all know the words, “This station is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test.”



2 thoughts on “Flee From the Wrath of the Establishment

  1. Maybe the frog in cold water theory?

    afik,internet not to be affected

    Posted by siilas | October 24, 2011, 10:45 PM
  2. I don’t see how the entire internet could be affected, but what of those that have satellite or u-verse? And ‘if’ the landlines are going to be affected, which still makes me wonder how and why, even though DSL runs on fiber-optics, could that not also be affected? And why cell phones?

    Personally, given the plethora of excuses used to do certain things since 9/11/01, this one seems to amount to nothing on the surface. If done by another president the outcry would still be there, but doubtful as loud. We all know there are 5 people in the world with the key to shut down the entire internet grid, most are already talking about how the government’s track our online movements, so in reality, this should not come as any surprise. And in this case, it does feel the water has heated up, only there isn’t anywhere to jump to.

    Posted by Kyouri | October 25, 2011, 8:03 AM

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