Did Herman Cain Already Name V.P. Picks?

The media is already hounding Herman Cain on why he would already be mentioning his V.P. picks when we haven’t even had a primary or caucus yet.

From what I gathered from what Cain said on the Steve Gill radio show, I’m not so sure he actually chose his picks, but you can read and/or listen and decide for yourself.

“There are some people in Congress that are very, very good, that I respect and admire and that I would love to have on my team,” Cain said. “Whether that would be in a V.P. slot or in a key Cabinet slot … I’ll give you a name — like Representative Paul Ryan. I’m not saying he would be the V.P. pick, he might be, but that’s the type of person I would want in my Cabinet. He’s the type of person. Sen. Jim DeMint — people who are not afraid to challenge the system. People who are not afraid to put on the table what we should do, and not just what we think we can get done.”

“You can’t be so egotistical that you’re afraid to hire someone smarter than you,” he said. “Based upon my thinking today, I would probably look for someone that has that D.C. experience, that experience in Congress or whatever the case may be.”

While there is no doubt that Cain chose some well-known names, it also sounded as if he was alluding to how good these guys are and that he would like to choose people “like” them to fill the role of vice president or cabinet positions. That’s not to say that these gentlemen, Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint, aren’t on Cain’s short list, but is that what he really said?



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