RNC Losing Its ‘Status quo’ Power [UPDATE]

Florida decides to move its primary date up to January 31, 2012, leap-frogging the established early primary/caucus states. A conceited motive for Florida? Or just Florida being fed-up with the establishment’s “that’s just the way it is” mindset?

The RNC has argued there is a set way of doing things – the primary calendar starts on a certain date, specific states go first, and anyone altering the status quo will be penalized. Not only did Florida say they don’t care if they lose half their delegate votes at the Republican National Convention, so too are the early primary states telling the RNC where to go, as they turn an evil eye on Florida in their own calendar reshuffles.

Even though the established early states are set to go first in accordance to the RNC rules, changing their dates to jump ahead of Florida means they, too, lose half their delegate votes at the Republican National Convention.

That’s not the only place the RNC is losing its control over how the elections shall go, however. According to the MSM the RNC is pushing certain candidates into the field to be picked up by the people in the RNC’s hope their chosen one will be catapulted into the spot to go head-to-head against Obama (or whomever the Democrat candidate will be) in 2012. They are beside themselves that a non-establishment candidate swept the Florida CPAC P5 straw poll, even reaping a higher percentage of the votes than Perry and Romney did combined.

Was it a setup for both Perry and Romney to be out of Florida schmoozing the big money bundlers in Michigan while Cain, Gingrich, and Santorum were giving their attention to the delegates that represent the people in Florida? Did they already know Cain was going to win Florida and chose to make it appear to be a fluke he won only because they – Perry and Romney – were not present? Or do Perry and Romney’s loyalties lie with the big money the RNC is so accustomed to?

Cain’s Florida win has since proved that it was no fluke. (“Message is more important than money,” Herman Cain) The more Cain rises in the various straw, online, and scientific polls, the more the RNC pushes for Chris Christie to join the fray.

Does the RNC’s push for Christie come across as showing the establishment Republicans are racist, as the left claims? Or does it show that the RNC is part of the establishment agreement between both the Democrats and Republicans where “business as usual” is their mantra? It’s no surprise that Christie, like Perry whom the RNC also pushed to get into the race just to flounder as quickly as his entrance, is a RINO.

What would the RNC do if the states stood up for themselves, and the people, at the Republican National Convention and told the RNC to shove it, since the early states still held their primaries first every state will be keeping their full delegate ride?

Sorry, Mr. Priebus, but perhaps the people are tired of lawyers running the country and are going to take their country back. For in the words of Herman Cain, “the voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the media”, and in this case, the voice of the people and the states is stronger than the voice of the establishment and their status quo agenda.

[UPDATE 11:30 AM ET]
Quote from ABC News’ ‘The Note‘:
“By deciding not to run Christie is refusing the pleas of many establishment Republicans who have been urging him — even pleading with him to jump into the race. Dozens of high-level GOP donors have been paying visits to Christie since this spring in the hopes of changing his mind.” [emphasis added]



One thought on “RNC Losing Its ‘Status quo’ Power [UPDATE]

  1. Lawrence O’Donnell is really a f***** asshole , where does this fella come up with these ideas, however, if I personally had been Herman Cain I could have smacked him in the face

    Posted by Loodgieter | October 9, 2011, 5:14 AM

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