Obama’s Democratic Opponent

Only those who do a little political research in lieu of relying on the media know that there are currently eleven, not nine, GOP candidates vying for the nomination to be on the 2012 ballot against Incumbent President Barack Obama. Or maybe the ‘other’ Democrat presidential candidate.

That’s right, since January of this year there has been another, albeit lesser known and non-media visual, person running against Obama on the Democrat ticket – Randall A. Terry.

Mr. Terry, while sporting his candidacy as a Democrat, is a pro-lifer. But that’s not all. Will this Democrat be dubbed a DINO?

This is a video ad Terry is running in Iowa in hopes to garner caucus votes against Obama:

The most important part of the election process whether it be local or national, is making sure we the people have all the information laid before us in order to make an informed decision before we vote. It has been shown, time and time again, that without all the pertinent information we oft times end up in a situation where we look back and wonder why we weren’t told this or that before the election.

Don’t let this presidential election go unnoticed. Get informed, stay involved, make an informed decision, and act upon that decision accordingly.



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