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Media Spins Cain’s FL Straw Poll Victory as Perry, Romney Fail

A poll currently running on the homepage of Fox & Friends is indicative of what the establishment wants people to believe. It appears to be difficult for anyone to admit that common sense would show that not only did Herman Cain win the Florida Straw Poll on Saturday September 25, 2011, but Perry and Romney did not.

While the media analysts and so-called experts, who did not speak to the delegates in FL, purport that Mr. Cain only won because of the poor debate showing by Perry, and Romney’s decision to ignore the CPACFL Presidency 5 conference altogether, what they fail to acknowledge is this – people vote for whom they feel is the better of the candidates at that given moment. Of course the delegates where dissatisfied with Perry and Romney, while at the same time, not dissatisfied with Cain, or else they would have refrained from voting at all, or at the very least, would have voted for one of the other 6 candidates. I mean sure, why wouldn’t anyone vote for someone who has a poor debate performance, gets hammered on important issues that are relevant to the people, and who doesn’t seem to care about the ones voting, preferring to care about elitists voting in a whole other state? Sorry media, but the people actually want to vote for substance over style this time around, and many would agree that Herman Cain possess both.

Herman Cain stated during his interview with Great van Susteren ‘On the Record’ last night that “[t]he voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the media.” Yet the media continues to refuse to listen to the voice of “the people”, preferring to rely on unfounded online and telephonic polls as well as the bias of their contributors and analysts. But this 2012 presidential election cycle has the media’s heads spinning; they cannot believe that they did not pick the winner at the outset. If the fact that Perry has yet to win any straw poll since his announcing his running on the day of the Ames, IA straw poll doesn’t convince them he is not the GOP front runner, perhaps the people’s voices will finally be heard during the actual state primaries.

So to answer Fox & Friends latest poll with regard to Cain’s victory in FL asking whether Herman Cain is the GOP presidential frontrunner or if it shows Republican dissatisfaction with Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, how about both? It is simply the way it is. If the people were not dissatisfied with the current administration, namely Barack Obama, why then are their so many people looking for a better option? With Cain, that better option comes, in what those voting delegates interviewed at P5 stated, because he presents good, solid, common sense solutions to the dis-ease currently plaguing all Americans.



2 thoughts on “Media Spins Cain’s FL Straw Poll Victory as Perry, Romney Fail

  1. I only wish the media darling candidates had completely participated in Florida; in going less than halfway,they gave the media their excuse by their actions.
    Fox occasionally suffers from ‘me too’ disease,(why they haven’t ditched their association with aol by now gets me curiously upset).

    Posted by siilas | September 28, 2011, 5:42 AM
  2. Fox is no better than the other alphabet networks. They just put on the pretense of being right-leaning in order to have at least one network that isn’t all about liberal-socialism. I’ve even noticed, over the years, that MSNBC has gotten worse in their liberal bias. It’s all about the ratings, never the news. It’s no surprise that Fox let Beck go and kept O’Reilly.

    With that said, I think the media’s top dogs played this according to plan. They both knew that Cain was going to win this. He’s had FL sewn up for quite some time. It’s all part of the establishment plan, but it’s not working out quite like they had hoped, hence why the “wealthy” GOP was allegedly trying to coax Christie into running… who is definitely a liberal conservative. The establishment simply wants to keep the status quo.

    Posted by Kyouri | September 28, 2011, 11:51 AM

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