We Goad Terrorists to Attack Us?

Who is ‘we’? The American people? The U.S. government? People all over the world? Various country governments? For it seems terrorists attack all over the world and the largest faction, as we know it today, are Muslim extremists. This ideology would suggest that Muslim terrorists are right in their aims to attack whomever, whenever, and wherever they so desire and it’s ‘our fault’.

After viewing a thread on the Tea Party Patriots forum, posted under the ‘Ron Paul’ section titled “We goad suicide terrorists to attack the US. Our foreign policy is the reason we are targets.“, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. The title suggests that ‘we’ are the people who are targets because of ‘our’ government’s foreign policies; a government ‘we’ elect to represent ‘us’.

Notwithstanding Ron Paul’s stance on this issue, stating it is ‘our’ fault because ‘they’ say so, or Rick Santorum’s take on it, who would willingly get ‘us’ involved in every warring issue plaguing the planet, terrorists act out in order to terrorize, simple as that.

There’s alot of argument about who is to blame for America’s woes at the hands of Islamic terrorists. In my opinion, based upon history that goes back to the formation of Islam (which was prior to the crusades), coupled with what is going on today, both sides are to blame, but not equally.

The Qur’an speaks of infidels (and kafir = ‘disbeliever’) in a manner that without Islam, they will surely go to hell. The statement made by Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus in 1391 is true – “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhumane, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”. This is seen throughout the Qur’an and the Hadith. (With some noted questionable interpretations, the following url does provide a rather straightforward look: The Religion of Peace – Islam: Verses of Violence)

Preach as you might about how the Qur’an and Islam is the religion of peace, but a peaceful religion does not go around killing people in the name of their almighty, Christianity included, as was done after Pope Benedict’s 2006 Regensburg Lecture, where he quoted Emperor Manuel’s take on Islam said some 700 years earlier. Yes, Christians also have a dismal and bloody past, and to the radicals, our occupation in their lands is seen as a bunch of Christian militants on another crusade. While I believe this to simply be a mere excuse for their own bloodlust as written in their ‘holy’ book, it cannot be denied that jihad began long before America was established. History has shown that those who conquer get the spoils. How many countries did the Muslims invade and rule before America even existed?

They want us out of their territory, why? So they can continue to rape, pillage, and take control over lands that they got by force in the first place. Do we really want the same issues here that Russia has with its North Caucasus area?

And the argument that Islam overall is a peaceful religion and most disagree with the way the radicals are behaving, falls flat as well. Why then do they not actively stand up against their own? Because they’re too peaceful for war? No, because it is written in the Qur’an that they will be sent to hell if they stand up against their own. So this leads one to believe that the ‘peaceful’ Muslims either condone the actions of the radicals, or at the very least do not disagree even if they do not wish to adhere to the violent rhetoric portrayed in the Qur’an.

Either way, the suicide terrorists are not merely doing this because of American occupation, it’s just today’s excuse. And the level of bombings has grown, not because of the occupation, but because we have a more widespread media notice of it, because it has become easier for the radicals to get their hands on explosives, and because our leaders make us targets due to the lack of military might the administration has allowed our men and women in uniform to perform, which leaves them more vulnerable to attacks as well.

The suicide terrorists, Muslims, can make all the excuses they want. People can believe the spin all they want. But as for me, I will rely on history as the precursor as to ‘why’ what is going on today is happening, as well as our long and continuous occupation of a land we should have dealt with in a matter of months rather than years.

Sorry, but if someone broke into my house, killed my family, then cheered in the streets at their deaths, do you really think any of us would send in a mass of people to sit around for decades pussyfooting around because we don’t have the balls to order them to just eradicate the terrorists? Or would we waltz in, open fire on who we know is responsible and leave right after giving them the ultimatum that if they step within our borders again, there won’t be any of them left for us to deal with in any future this world has?

One must be honest with themselves while also knowing where, how, and why ‘all’ this began.

And for the record, I have met some very nice, kind, and polite Muslims, just as I have Christians. My argument isn’t with a specific religion, but radicals who take their religion to a level of supremacist that no religion deserves, because their ‘holy book’ says so. We are all humans, and as such, deserve the same rights as all others until we do something to no longer deserve any rights at all.

Just my personal take on this issue.



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