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Ron Paul, Herman Cain Fox News’ Frontrunners?

In accordance with Gallup, all media outlets are reporting the two GOP frontrunners are Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. But are these polls accurate? While Gallup states that it performs random (unpublished) telephone interviews which conclude that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are the top two candidates, it also shows that the positive intensity polls, also conducted via unpublished telephone interviews, show Rick Perry and Herman Cain in the lead.

Notwithstanding that most major networks conduct their internet polls without including all the candidates, it seems that either Ron Paul and Herman Cain supporters have a base of Facebook users where the other candidates do not, or else the Gallup polls are a bit skewed.

Fox News 2012 Candidate Tracker | September 19, 2011
(Rick Santorum (not shown) 313)

Instead of creating makeshift and simplistic polls that do not include all candidates, and/or relying on Gallup’s unfounded polls, why doesn’t Fox try something new – articulate the standings as seen on their very own website and report accordingly. Perhaps a little note saying something like “While Gallup’s unsubstantiated polls show Perry and Romney in the lead, our own candidate tracker shows Paul and Cain as the frontrunners, at least with Facebook fans.”



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