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Media Precedents vs. People Presidents

Now that the dust has settled since the September 7th GOP debate and President Obama’s September 8th jobs speech and most people have been inundated with media pressures about what is what, where does that leave the people who will be electing their president come November 6, 2012?

A decent place to start, even though it does have a slight leftist bias lean, is

While the media is touting about the frontrunners for the GOP candidacy for 2012 as Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, to allegedly coincide with Gallup’s non-proven polls, are these really the types of people we wish to see serving the people in the most prominent role of the United States?

The people, as media outlets have stated over and over again, are getting fed up with “politics as usual”, so why then do they continue to ignore the ones running who have high personal intensity ratings in lieu of the ones that are “politics as usual”?

With regard to the latest GOP debate held at the Reagan Library on September 7, 2011, did it’s little number on Perry, Romney, and Huntsman with regard to their bickering and boasting about their respective jobs growth successes within their states. According to the check, they were all right… and wrong. One has to see where the nation as a whole stood during the time period these gentlemen were/are governor of their respective states – Massachusetts (Romney), Utah (Huntsman), and Texas (Perry).

The bottom line is, they each gave their records a spin, making themselves out to be better than the facts show, while at the same time, not being as bad off as their opponents are stating them to be. However, it is still spinning in an effort to get Americans to notice them as the best choice to solve what currently plagues us. And this, the media eats up. They go on and on about Perry and Romney being the top two, or “front runners” in the GOP.

According to sites such as Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Patriots, as well as the plethora of personal bloggers online these days, this simply is not the case. It leaves one to wonder just who Gallup is calling in order to derive their poll statistics. It also begs the question as to why the media can’t do their own research, something I thought they were supposed to do, and see for themselves what ‘the people’ are saying.

Just because the media and their out-of-the-loop analysts along with the selective state electorates have decided who ‘they’ believe will be the people’s choice, based upon “politics as usual” when it comes to past elections, does not necessarily mean their choices are who the people actually want. Any time spent away from the television, radio and newspapers, show the GOP front runners to currently be: Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney. That’s 5, not 2!

There are other candidates in this race, who the people know quite well – Santorum, Cain, Bachmann, Paul, and Gingrich, – as well as some rather not-so-well known candidates – Johnson, Karger, McCotter, and Roemer.

How about a little less media bias and little more people bias? After all, it is the presidential elections. Perhaps the people would like to get to know who all the choices are so the nation, as a whole, can be better situated in electing the person they feel will best serve as lead spokesman/woman of the people.

And as a side note, the media needs to stop putting people on their network website polls, i.e. Palin, Christie, and Giuliani, when none of them are in the current race for the White House. If, and that is a mighty ‘if’ they decide to jump in the race, then, and only then, should they be added to any poll. In the meantime, let’s concentrate on all the candidates and stop giving free press time to a select few.

Let’s stop relying on the media to elect our candidates for us, for even though they claim to understand that the people are tired of political games, they themselves, every media outlet, goes on doing their very own “politics as usual” business. It’s time for the people to decide what’s best for them, not the media.



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