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Homegrown Terrorists or Not?

FOX News – September 7, 2011 – “Report Shows Spike in Homegrown Terror Cases

RAND Corporation – August 31, 2011 – “Al Qaeda’s Efforts to Recruit Homegrown Jihadists in America Remain Largely Ineffective

RAND Corp. is a “global policy think tank” [Wikipedia] financed by the United States government and other prominent entities, both public and private. This non-profit organization states its mission is to “further promote scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare and security of the United States of America.” Its self-declared mission is “to help improve policy and decision making through research and analysis”, using its “core values of quality and objectivity.”

FOX News, whose motto is “Fair and Balanced” is largely considered a conservative network.

It seems that the two sides are at odds, all the while we are on a heightened state of terror alert across America as we approach the 10th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the downed plane in Pennsylvania in September 2001. The headlines read that two of the three current suspects of an anniversary attack are allegedly “homegrown terrorists”, even though these threats have been considered “credible” but “not specific” and “unconfirmed”.

After talking about this “unconfirmed credible” terror threat all day, FOX releases the following article on their website – “Official: Al Qaeda Terror Threat Looking More Like a ‘Goose Chase’“. FOX states this is according to an unnamed “senior U.S. official”.

So, is there a rise in homegrown terrorists, or not? Is there a credible threat to our nation’s security, or not?

Being vigilant is something we should all do each and every day of our life without forgetting how to live at the same time, but it would sure be nice to have a more specific credibility to what we are being told. If information coming to the people is not more specific, eventually the senses will dull and we will be caught off guard just like Peter was with his own wolf.

FYI: The two links mentioned in the OP were both found, back to back, on the U.S. Homeland Security page. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the articles to, not read some reports by Homeland Security, but to be taken to offsite articles not even written by Homeland Security.



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  1. “Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love – and to put its trust in life.” ~ Joseph Conrad

    Posted by Erma Stewert | September 29, 2011, 10:51 AM

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