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FEMA Should Be Limited

FEMA should be limited to national disasters brought on by wars and major acts of terrorism to help rebuild. Natural disasters should be the responsibility of the state within which it occurred. Advertisements

Keystone Oil Pipeline from Canada to Texas… or…

Alot of disputes regarding the new Keystone Pipeline that is slated to traverse the entire United States from Canada to Texas. There is already a Keystone Pipeline leading from Canada through seven US states – North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma. So what is the argument about a new proposed pipeline … Continue reading

Judson Phillips Does Not Speak for the Tea Party Movement

Again, when it comes to the media, they fail to report to the people that the Tea Party Movement is a nationwide movement of “the people”. Within this TPM there are diverse Tea Party’s each with their diverse endorsements. Let’s set the record straight – Tea Party Express teamed up with CNN, a known left-leaning … Continue reading

Media Spins Cain’s FL Straw Poll Victory as Perry, Romney Fail

A poll currently running on the homepage of Fox & Friends is indicative of what the establishment wants people to believe. It appears to be difficult for anyone to admit that common sense would show that not only did Herman Cain win the Florida Straw Poll on Saturday September 25, 2011, but Perry and Romney … Continue reading

GOP Debate Tues. October 11, 2011 8:00 PM ET – Bloomberg Television – Hanover, NH

Bloomberg and The Washington Post to Host GOP Debate Sponsors: Bloomberg TV and the Washington Post Moderator: Charlie Rose Televised: WBIN-New Hampshire | Bloomberg TV Streamed: Washington Post Live Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Media darlings dump P5, Cain steals show with props from Santorum [UPDATE]

Today Florida’s Presidency 5 had a string of events leading up to the afternoon straw poll, with results said to be given by FL Gov. Rick Scott around 5:45 PM ET. Florida takes pride in being the one state whose straw polls has picked the Republican nominee who later went on to win the presidency … Continue reading

Santorum ousts Perry for being ‘weak’ on ‘American soverignty’ and ‘immigration’

In last night’s Fox News / Google GOP debate held in Orlando, FL, the question was raised regarding immigration. Perry made a clear statement that Texas spent “$400 million of [their] taxpayer money into securing [the] border” by placing Texas Ranger recon teams’ boots on the ground. After making that statement he segued into his … Continue reading

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