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“Open Letter To Maxine Waters”

copied from Tea Party Nation

Posted by Darwin Rockantansky on August 26, 2011 at 7:16am

Dear Ms. Waters,

“The Tea Party Can Go Straight To Hell” you say. I truly believe that you mean that from the deepest darkest pits of your bitter little heart and with every fiber of your soul; if you have one. After all, We The People stand in defiance of everything that you stand for.

Speaking solely for myself, there is a good chance you may get your wish. I have certainly shed enough blood of both friend and foe in defense of this nation to deserve being condemned. Some how I think God will forgive me but would not bet the same is in store for you.

You condemn me because I AM the Tea Party.
You have no idea of who I am and yet you condemn me?

Let me tell you who I am.

I am a “Boomer”.
I was born into a world in which my country was the only super power on Earth.
I was born into an America where a man could start a business and raise a family in peace and in harmony with his neighbors. A world that had ninety percent fewer government regulations, agencies, departments and less than ten percent of the current population of burdensome government, less than ten percent of the current tax code and no EPA, no Department of Education, and no Department of Energy, no golden parachutes for congressmen, and no limousines for every appointed bureaucrat in Washington, and no private airline to match.

When you condemned me my eyes were drawn to the sign behind you citing the American Dream. Ms. Waters, I have an original tape cut at the feet of Dr. King on that warm August day in 1963. I am moved to tears when I hear Dr. King proclaim: “I have a DREAM today!”. Tears of sadness and shame that We The People have allowed you to steal the dream.

You and your liberal friends have abrogated that dream Ms. Waters. You have hijacked the American Dream and stolen it from all Americans of all races. President Lincoln freed the slaves and Dr. King built the bridge to finally lead the people out of slavery and oppression and you and your ilk re-imposed the plantation.

Dr. King’s vision was of an equal playing field, where all men and women of this country had an equal opportunity to succeed and to fail. You and your liberal friends have supplanted that dream with the fantasy of “Rainbow Stew”. You and others have planted the idea that minorities cannot overcome, cannot succeed, and need to be cared for in every aspect of their lives. YOU have become the most feared person on the Plantation. You have become the “House N*****”; keeping people in their place and dependent on you for their very survival.

The race card no longer plays. We have and have had for a long time Black Americans in every conceivable position of power up to and including President of the United States. And thanks to you and your kind what do we get? A man that has been hammered with your doctrine of inferiority to such an extent that he is only capable of trying to please his masters and is now safe to go into the Big House on the Plantation. He has been totally neutered and lacks the courage to stand up for the country that enabled him to rise to such heights. Let me tell you who We The People Are Not.

We are NOT: Bible Thumping, Gun Loving, Homophobic, Xenophobes.


We transcend every, race, gender, religion and lifestyle in this country. We back candidates like Herman Cain and would be candidates like Allen West. Our most vocal spokespersons include people like Lloyd Marcus and my friend from North Las Vegas Geraldine Lewis.

Our goals are simple. We want to re-unite this country into a beautifully diverse quilt of cultures in a unique blend known as AMERICANS; something you “hyphenators” are continually working to destroy. We want to restore a constitutional government that is no more than a part time job for legislatures. We want to tear down the elitist class that our government has become with its tax payer funded gold plated benefits packages. We want our Social Security put back in the lock box where it was promised to be. We want to stop deficit spending and restore fiscal responsibility. We want our tax dollars spent on American Citizens and not wasted trying to buy friends or to police the world at large.

Yes, Ms. Waters. We DO stand in direct opposition to everything you stand for.

We want to restore the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King – The American Dream; the dream that you and your kind have stolen from this once great nation.
May God Bless America and may God have mercy on your soul.

Darwin Rockantansky
Las Vegas, Nevada

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