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Stop Sharia in America: Tell Leaders to Co-Sponsor H.R. 973

The Petition:

I support H.R. 973 which seeks to ban the use of foreign law in our United States court system. I know that Shariah Law in the United States is a matter of grave, public concern.

The “Islamization” of America is taking place right before our very eyes. I am faxing our Congressmen to make sure that our court system is not infiltrated by foreign law; AND to make sure of two things:

1. ALL Members of Congress must CO-SPONSOR H.R. 973.
2. Urge U.S. Representatives to get H.R. 973 OUT of the Subcommittee NOW!

Do whatever is necessary. Shariah Law embraces a system that is completely against what you and I believe in. I know we are standing up for all moderate religions in America to be treated equally and fairly.

Sign the petition and send copies to your representatives here > http://petitions.conservativeactionalerts.com/4697/co-sponsor-hr-973/



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