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Obama’s Broken and Backward Speaking Record

On his new campaign tour today, while addressing an audience in Iowa, Obama is cited as passing the blame of the failure in Washington to come to a debt agreement on partisan politics: “6:22 p.m. –As he did earlier today in Cannon Falls, Minn., Obama talks about the nation’s economic challenges — and the Washington political system’s reluctance in facing up to them.

“The problem is our politics is broken,” Obama says, denouncing the “partisan brinksmanship” that puts “party over country.” He cites the recent “debt ceiling debacle.” (Obama blasts ‘partisan brinksmanship’ at Iowa Town Hall)

Taking a look back at the state of affairs in Washington D.C. in the early hours of Obama’s presidency, we find the following headlines:

Congress Passes $787B Stimulus Bill, Sends It to Obama for Signature

Congress, Obama ignore Constitution

Democrats Complete Backroom Deal on Obamacare Legislative Language; Endgame Begins

These are but a few examples of a long list of partisan politics on the part of Obama and his ruling Democrats before the 2010 elections. And what is even more astounding is the list of executive orders Obama has passed since his tenure just 2 years and 8 months ago – Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders – as well as his recent stance on disobeying congressional amendments regarding his numerous Czars – Obama Tells Congress He’s Keeping His Czars.

For once it would be a refreshing “change” to have a politician, especially one running for the presidency, to either say what they mean and mean what they say, or actually be held accountable when they don’t. One cannot, and in this case Obama, continue to go on unchecked by the people. He simply cannot be allowed to continue to spew vitriol in a direction aimed other than at himself when he himself is guilty of the vitriol he is spewing, without it coming to light and to the attention of the people.



2 thoughts on “Obama’s Broken and Backward Speaking Record

  1. During his ‘listening’ tour Wednesday,Barry announced that he has a specific economic plan to bring this country out of our recession/depression/economic downturn.
    (Secret Service had to buy 2 buses worth over 2 million total for that)
    But it must be hidden on Martha’s Vineyard because he’s spending 7-10 days there before returning to the Swamp.

    Posted by siilas | August 17, 2011, 5:02 AM
  2. Yes, and this little ‘listening’ tour, while he did all the talking, showed a drop in his economic approval rating to 29%. What a great listening leader!

    Posted by Kyouri | August 19, 2011, 1:52 PM

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