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America’s Language Barriers

To the natives of this land, we know that yours was the first language spoken on this, turtle island. Even with the diverse dialects from the multiple tribes, an understanding in language was present. Alas, along came a group of people from across the sea and established in this land what is known as ‘proper’ … Continue reading

“Open Letter To Maxine Waters”

copied from Tea Party Nation Posted by Darwin Rockantansky on August 26, 2011 at 7:16am Dear Ms. Waters, “The Tea Party Can Go Straight To Hell” you say. I truly believe that you mean that from the deepest darkest pits of your bitter little heart and with every fiber of your soul; if you have … Continue reading

Stop Sharia in America: Tell Leaders to Co-Sponsor H.R. 973

The Petition: I support H.R. 973 which seeks to ban the use of foreign law in our United States court system. I know that Shariah Law in the United States is a matter of grave, public concern. The “Islamization” of America is taking place right before our very eyes. I am faxing our Congressmen to … Continue reading

Being Non-politically correct: Immigration

“Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented immigrant’ is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest.” Burglars are not uninvited house guests. Car-jackers are not under-rated drivers. Bank robbers are not making unauthorized withdrawals. Illegal aliens are not undocumented immigrants. The correct terminology for the nearly 20 million persons illegally in the U.S. is illegal … Continue reading

Verizon Wireless Debacle: Union vs. Corporation

Conservatism, for the most part, balks at the idea of unionized companies. Citing union workers are to blame for the rates of inflation on many products and services, the greatest majority of conservatives feel unions are a thing of the past. It has been widely known that the unions are left-leaning and the higher-ups within … Continue reading

‘Slave of America’ and Shariah Law

While it is known by those who know me that I am a Herman Cain supporter in the GOP run for the 2012 Presidential Elections, this post would have been made no matter the target of this organization. In this case, the target just so happens to be Herman Cain. Why? Because Herman Cain has … Continue reading

Common Sense Unions

Union-busting is a thing of great debate in America today. On the one side we have those arguing that unions are driving up the costs of living and reaping benefits, in all its forms, from the taxpayers. On the other side, we have those arguing that without unions companies would be able to hire at … Continue reading

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