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Economic Comparison

Originally posted on My Two Cents:
I realize that the comparison has been made a thousand times, but it did not sink in for me until I did the math myself. The government is mandated by the Constitution to have a postal service. I understand the need for one. What I do not understand is…

On a Side Note...

  • "We now have Muslim Brotherhood in charge in Egypt, Fundamentalist Muslims & Sharia law in Libya, US Ambassador to Syria forced home, Iraq left to the Shiites & Iran, & finally for a 2nd time in just days, Karzi of Afghanistan saying that if war comes between Pakistan & the US, Afghanistan will fight on the side of Pakistan against the US..All in a few short months. THIS IS WHAT BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S AMERICAN-APOLOGETIC/LEAD-FROM-BEHIND, U.S. FAILED FOREIGN POLICY LOOKS LIKE!" ~Sam Mullins
  • "I'm not running a national election, I'm running in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina." Rick Santorum on Fox & Friends Oct. 20, 2011. Presidents are voted into office by the nation, Rick, and therefore is a national election process at every stage.
  • Florida changing its primary date to January 31 just shows one thing - all national elections are held on the same day every four years, so too should the national primaries. It is a national election we're talking about, and therefor the nation should get the opportunity to elect who it wishes to be on the presidential ticket, not just a few states.
  • FEMA should be limited to national disasters brought on by wars and major acts of terrorism to help rebuild. Natural disasters should be the responsibility of the state within which it occurred.
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